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McDowell County EDA Supports Kimball with Key Donation for Growth and Development

In an inspiring display of community and collaboration, the McDowell County Economic Development Authority has once again demonstrated its commitment to the growth and prosperity of our communities. This time, the city of Kimball stands in the spotlight, benefiting from a generous donation that marks a significant step forward in local development projects.

A Generous Donation for a Crucial Need

The McDowell County EDA has extended a helping hand to Kimball by donating $10,000 towards the purchase of an excavator, a vital piece of machinery needed for several projects within the town. This contribution underscores the EDA’s dedication to fostering infrastructural development and enhancing the quality of life for the residents of McDowell County.

A Ceremony of Commitment and Collaboration

The donation was commemorated in a ceremony that not only highlighted the generosity of the McDowell County EDA but also showcased the unity and collaborative spirit among our county’s leaders. In a memorable moment of community support, the new Commissioner Dewayne Dotson was photographed presenting the $10,000 check to Kimball Mayor, Adam Gianato. They were joined by the Economic Development Authority President, Barry Hale, and Commissioner Michael Brooks, all of whom stand united in their efforts to drive growth and development within our communities.

The Impact of the Excavator on Kimball

The excavator, funded by this donation, is earmarked for several essential projects in Kimball. These projects are not just about infrastructure; they’re about laying the groundwork for a future where Kimball can thrive economically and socially. By investing in the town’s capability to undertake these projects, the McDowell County EDA is helping to ensure that Kimball can continue to grow and improve as a place where people want to live, work, and visit.

A New Commissioner with a Vision for Growth

The ceremony also highlighted the proactive approach of our new Commissioner, Dewayne Dotson, who is already making strides in collaborating with local leaders to support our county and communities. His involvement in this donation is a testament to his commitment to the collective effort required to foster development and prosperity across McDowell County.

Moving Forward Together

This donation is a reminder of the power of collaboration and the impact it can have on our community’s development. The McDowell County Economic Development Authority, alongside our dedicated local officials, is committed to providing the resources and support needed for our towns and cities to flourish.

As we celebrate this achievement for Kimball, we also look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. With continued cooperation and commitment, we can build a brighter future for all of McDowell County.


EDA Board Members

Tracy Allison Gary, WV
Robert Beavers War, WV
Carl Bell Welch, WV
Mike Capparelli Northfork, WV
James DeShazio Welch, WV
Joe Ford Iaeger, WV
Kenneth Gentry Davy, WV
Adam Gianato Kimball, WV
Barry Hale Premier, WV
Brian Harrison Bradshaw, WV
Harold McBride Welch, WV
Carol Sizemore Northfork, WV