A Magical Day at Berwind Lake: A Community United for Kids

This year’s “A Day of Fishing” at Berwind Lake was a resounding success, bringing joy and excitement to children and families across McDowell County. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of […]

Spotlight: Dewayne Dotson’s Lasting Commitment to Community

In McDowell County, Dewayne Dotson stands out as a dedicated leader whose passion for community service is both deep-rooted and unwavering. From building vital recreational spaces to supporting annual events […]

A Day of Fishing at Berwind Lake: Bringing Families Together and Celebrating Generosity

Each year, the Berwind Lake “A Day of Fishing” event brings families and children together for a joyous celebration of community spirit and outdoor fun. This year’s event, scheduled for […]

McDowell County EDA Invests in Coalwood Baseball Field

In an ongoing effort to enhance community facilities and support youth sports, the McDowell County Economic Development Authority (EDA) has generously donated $25,000 to the Coalwood baseball field. This donation […]

McDowell County EDA Funds New Truck for Solid Waste Authority

The McDowell County Economic Development Authority (EDA) has recently demonstrated its ongoing commitment to the operational effectiveness of county services by allocating funds for a much-needed update to the Solid […]

McDowell County EDA Funds New City Hall and Stage

The town of Iaeger is on the brink of exciting developments, thanks to collaborative efforts led by local leaders and supported by the McDowell County Economic Development Authority. In an […]

EDA Board Members

Tracy Allison Gary, WV
Robert Beavers War, WV
Carl Bell Welch, WV
Mike Capparelli Northfork, WV
James DeShazio Welch, WV
Joe Ford Iaeger, WV
Kenneth Gentry Davy, WV
Adam Gianato Kimball, WV
Barry Hale Premier, WV
Brian Harrison Bradshaw, WV
Harold McBride Welch, WV
Carol Sizemore Northfork, WV