New Mobile Radar Detection Devices

A Commitment to Safer Streets [McDowell County, WV] – In a decisive move to address the concerns of speeding in our community, the McDowell County Economic Development Authority (EDA) is […]

Free Fishing Day

This memorable day was filled with joy and excitement as families gathered to enjoy fishing, thanks to the thousands of trout added to the lake. Beyond the thrill of the […]

EDA Board Members

Tracy Allison Gary, WV
Robert Beavers War, WV
Carl Bell Welch, WV
Mike Capparelli Northfork, WV
James DeShazio Welch, WV
Joe Ford Iaeger, WV
Kenneth Gentry Davy, WV
Adam Gianato Kimball, WV
Barry Hale Premier, WV
Brian Harrison Bradshaw, WV
Harold McBride Welch, WV
Carol Sizemore Northfork, WV