Mcdowell EDA baseball field

McDowell County EDA Invests in Coalwood Baseball Field

In an ongoing effort to enhance community facilities and support youth sports, the McDowell County Economic Development Authority (EDA) has generously donated $25,000 to the Coalwood baseball field. This donation aims to revitalize the field, enabling it to host more games and accommodate larger crowds, thereby benefiting the entire community.

Revitalizing a Key Community Hub

The Coalwood baseball field has been an important venue for baseball teams across McDowell County, but it has gone without significant upgrades for years. The EDA’s donation will fund critical improvements, including additional bleachers and other necessary upgrades. These enhancements will provide a better experience for players and spectators alike, creating a more inviting space for community events and sports.

A Community Effort

The revitalization of the Coalwood baseball field is not just about improving infrastructure—it’s about investing in the future of McDowell County. County Commissioner Dewayne Dotson emphasized this during the announcement, stating, “We have to keep in mind that our young generation in McDowell County is our future.” The improved field will serve as a gathering place for families and friends, fostering a sense of community and encouraging active lifestyles among the youth.

Enhancing the Sports Experience

With the new improvements, the Coalwood baseball field will be better equipped to host teams from across McDowell County, offering a welcoming environment for sports and community engagement. The additional bleachers and upgrades will accommodate more fans, enhancing the overall experience and encouraging greater participation in local sports.

Looking Forward

The McDowell County EDA’s investment in the Coalwood baseball field is part of a broader commitment to supporting youth and community development through targeted funding and support. By revitalizing this key venue, the EDA is helping to create a vibrant space where the community can come together to celebrate and enjoy America’s pastime.

This initiative is a testament to the EDA’s dedication to improving the quality of life in McDowell County, with a focus on fostering environments where future generations can thrive.


EDA Board Members

Tracy Allison Gary, WV
Robert Beavers War, WV
Carl Bell Welch, WV
Mike Capparelli Northfork, WV
James DeShazio Welch, WV
Joe Ford Iaeger, WV
Kenneth Gentry Davy, WV
Adam Gianato Kimball, WV
Barry Hale Premier, WV
Brian Harrison Bradshaw, WV
Harold McBride Welch, WV
Carol Sizemore Northfork, WV