New Mobile Radar Detection Devices

A Commitment to Safer Streets

[McDowell County, WV] – In a decisive move to address the concerns of speeding in our community, the McDowell County Economic Development Authority (EDA) is proud to announce its latest collaboration with the McDowell County Sheriff’s Office. Recognizing the growing need for effective speed management, the EDA has allocated funds for the acquisition of two state-of-the-art mobile radar detection devices.

Proactive Measures Against Speeding

Speeding has long been a concern for the residents of McDowell County. Not only does it endanger the lives of drivers and pedestrians, but it also disrupts the peaceful and safe environment we strive to maintain in our neighborhoods. In response to community complaints and in an effort to proactively address this issue, these mobile radar units will serve as a significant deterrent to speeders.

Technology at the Forefront

The mobile radar detection devices are a testament to the EDA’s commitment to leveraging technology for community safety. These units are not only highly efficient in detecting speeding vehicles but are also designed for easy deployment in various locations. This mobility ensures that the Sheriff’s Office can be responsive to specific areas where speeding is reported to be a problem.

Community Involvement and Awareness

Community involvement is key to the success of this initiative. The EDA and the Sheriff’s Office encourage residents to continue reporting areas where speeding is prevalent. This partnership between the community, the EDA, and law enforcement is a powerful example of what we can achieve when we work together towards a common goal.

Stay Informed and Involved

For more information on this initiative and other community projects, stay connected with us through our website and social media channels. Your feedback and involvement are invaluable as we continue to work towards a brighter and safer future for McDowell County.


EDA Board Members

Tracy Allison Gary, WV
Robert Beavers War, WV
Carl Bell Welch, WV
Mike Capparelli Northfork, WV
James DeShazio Welch, WV
Joe Ford Iaeger, WV
Kenneth Gentry Davy, WV
Adam Gianato Kimball, WV
Barry Hale Premier, WV
Brian Harrison Bradshaw, WV
Harold McBride Welch, WV
Carol Sizemore Northfork, WV