Dewayne Dotson

Spotlight: Dewayne Dotson’s Lasting Commitment to Community

In McDowell County, Dewayne Dotson stands out as a dedicated leader whose passion for community service is both deep-rooted and unwavering. From building vital recreational spaces to supporting annual events that bring joy to local families, Commissioner Dotson has proven himself a tireless advocate for the people he serves. His work exemplifies how consistent effort and generosity can transform communities.

Early Contributions to the Community

Even before he took office as a county commissioner, Dotson played a pivotal role in the construction of the Janice Robert Mountian Park (JRMP). He personally hauled countless loads of dirt to shape the grounds, ensured heavy machinery was available, and paid an operator to run the equipment, creating a recreational haven for children and families. He also provided lunches for kids participating in the park’s summer programs. The park stands today as a testament to his dedication to providing a safe and fun environment for the youth of McDowell County.

Ongoing Support through Annual Events

Dotson’s contributions extend beyond infrastructure projects and into the realm of community gatherings. His continued support of “A Day of Fishing” at Berwind Lake exemplifies his hands-on approach. He recently received a donation of $1,000 from Cleveland Cliffs employees, which will be used to purchase prizes like fishing rods and bicycles while stocking the lake with fish. The event offers children the chance to enjoy fishing and perhaps win a special prize, all while bonding with family and friends in a relaxed, outdoor setting.

A Vision for the Future

Dewayne Dotson’s approach to leadership emphasizes fostering a culture of community support and growth. He firmly believes that investing in children is an investment in the future of McDowell County. “We have to keep in mind that our young generation in McDowell County is our future,” Dotson often reminds. This vision motivates his consistent work toward ensuring that recreational facilities and community events thrive, providing enriching opportunities for kids and their families.


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